Corporate law. Corporate litigation

Corporate law.
Corporate litigation.

The team from Pelinari & Pelinari has a long experience in the field of corporate law, acquired through the legal assistance provided to companies, regardless of size, with private or state capital, which operates in any of the economic sectors, in relation to the establishment and modification of the incorporation documents, to the day-to-day activity of the companies, as well as in relation to split-ups, mergers and / or acquisitions, as well as procedures for their dissolution and liquidation.

Incorporation of companies

Pelinari & Pelinari provides legal assistance and ensures the representation of clients at all stages of the procedure of setting up and registering a company, regarding the choice of the type of company suitable for the purpose of the business they want to develop, establishing and structuring the shareholding, capital and contributions of the associates, of the governing bodies, of the modalities of decision-making, distribution and distribution of benefits, drafting of the necessary documents, declarations and forms, completing the formalities at the Trade Register, including mandate, management and loan contracts as well as agreements between associates.

In the context of setting up companies, our lawyers provide legal advice and assistance on how to structure investment projects, both foreign investments in Romania and Romanian investments in different country.

Modification of the statutes of incorporation

Our lawyers provide legal assistance to companies in keeping with all the procedures for modifying the company structure – the life time of the company, headquarters, shareholders, share capital, directors, participation to benefits, withdrawal from the company and so on, in accordance with the articles of incorporation of the company or other agreements between the associates.

For such purpose, we provide services for preparation and revision of the decisions of the general meetings, the representation at the general meetings, formalities of registering all of the above with the Trade Register.

Current company activities

The lawyers from Pelinari & Pelinari provide legal assistance regarding all the current operations of a company, in relation to obtaining authorizations or operating licenses, compliance with the law of company bodies’ decisions, drafting useful documents for the day-to-day activity of the company.

Dissolution and liquidation

Pelinari & Pelinari provide legal assistance to the companies in the legal procedures of dissolution, liquidation and removal of the companies from the Trade Register.

Mergers and acquisitions

Pelinari & Pelinari has permanently developed the M&A field of practice by successfully completing mergers and acquisitions projects, either on the side of the buyer or the seller, in a variety of economic fields. In preparation to negotiate, draft and execute the merger project or the sales contract, the lawyers from Pelinari & Pelinari are carrying out “due-diligence” activities of the relevant legal aspects.

Corporate litigations

We also provide representation in disputes between companies as well as in disputes between associates / shareholders and companies.