Family law. Adoptions

Family law. Adoptions. Medical Assisted Human Reproduction.

Pelinari and Pelinari lawyers have the experience gained through consulting, assistance and representation activities for individuals:

  • in all types of cases related to family relationships: in court proceedings and amicable settlement (mediation), such as divorce, the exercise of parental authority, matrimonial regimes (matrimonial agreements, sharing of common goods), filiation;
  • in complex cases with foreign elements: divorce, adoption, international abduction of children.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful and end in painful separations, with dramatic impact on children. Often, when a relationship breaks down and one or both parties want to divorce, a procedure that is most often followed by assets split-up. We are ready to help the parties that need legal assistance or representation in such emotionally difficult times.

As for the children, we can provide assistance regarding the custody of the minors, the program for visiting the minors, as well as in establishing the parents’ contribution to the expenses of raising and care.

Adoption and medical assisted human reproduction.

Adoption is the legal act by which a person becomes a parent to a child who is not his / her biological son / daughter. Adoption, according to the legislation of each state, can be done by a married couple, a single person or a homosexual couple. After the procedure is completed, the adoptive parents acquire the same paternity rights as with the biological children; instead, the parents who gave the child for adoption lose their parental rights.

Adoption, according to personal perception, may be briefly defined, as a legal challenge but also of the soul, it is an attempt of patience, empathy and understanding, a joy. For our fellow lawyers working in this field, a successful adoption brings professional satisfactions, being the field in which we love to work.

We can help you along this path:

  • by assisting you to the Directorate for Child Protection to initiate proceedings;
  • preparation of files and documents for filing
  • full-time legal counsel
  • assistance with statements
  • court representation

Medical Assisted Human Reproduction (RUAM) is the set of clinical or biological techniques and practices that allow procreation outside the natural process (without the sexual act), through the intervention and at the doctor’s recommendation. RUAM techniques are used when regular, hormonal, medicinal or surgical treatments do not work. There are several methods of RUAM and their associated practices (artificial insemination (AI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer (TE), surrogate or surrogate mother), the differences being given both by the number of people involved in performing these techniques, as well as the place where the fertilization takes place. These practices have increased because the rate of infertility and infertility of couples is increasing, with 10-15% of couples never having children naturally.

We offer specialized legal advice regarding the medical act, donation and use of genetic material and the legal limits of the procedures.