Immigration. Visas. Foreigner’s regime in Romania

Immigration. Visas. Foreigner’s regime in Romania. Romanian citizenship.

As a law firm that has been practicing immigration law since 2000, we have a consolidated experience regarding national and European legislation and policies regarding the free movement of persons, asylum and immigration in Romania and in the European Union area.

In this context, we provide our clients advice, assistance and representation regarding the free movement of European citizens in the Union, the crossing of external borders, visas, asylum, immigration and the rights of third-country nationals, immigration relationships with third countries.

In respect of the immigration and the rights of EU citizens and third countries, we identify optimal solutions for entry and stay in Romania, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation regarding the regime of foreigners. For this purpose, we advise clients natural or legal persons regarding the visa regime, the types of visas suitable for the clients’ purpose depending on the length of stay and the activity concerned to be performed on the territory of Romania, the limits of the rights granted by the types of visas, the exemptions from the regime of visa requirements, visa conditions, extension of the right of temporary residence, granting the right of permanent residence, obtaining residence permits, cancellation and revocation of the right to stay in Romania.

We also provide consultancy regarding the tolerance of staying on the Romanian territory and the assistance and representation of third-country nationals in procedures for challenging the non-exit decisions, removal, return, declaration as undesirable, expulsion, as well as challenging the prohibition decisions of entry on the Romanian territory.

At the same time, we provide advice to the airline, sea or land transport companies regarding their obligations regarding the verification of border crossing documents, visas, permits or authorizations that confer a right of residence or transit, granted under the conditions of Romanian law, or by a member state of the European Union, as well as the representation in the litigations having as object the sanctions applied by the Romanian state for non-compliance with these obligations.

Our lawyers assist, with professionalism and efficiency, the clients interested in obtaining Romanian citizenship (art. 8 of the Romanian citizenship Law no. 21/1991, republished) or its restitution (art.11 of the Romanian citizenship Law no. 21/1991, republished). To this end, clients are advised, step by step, in verifying the fulfillment of the conditions required by law and obtaining the necessary documents for submitting the application for granting Romanian citizenship and for the regaining of citizenship, both for the entitled persons and for the members of the family, where the provisions of the law are met.