Labor and social security law

Labor and social security law

The Pelinari & Pelinari team have built a strong reputation in the practice of labor law, either on the part of the employee or on the employer’s side, both in managing labor relationships and in resolving labor disputes.

Our practice of labor law has focused on assisting employees in disciplinary research procedures, the legal guidance given to them during labor conflicts, on the legal issues of work resulting from split-ups, mergers and acquisitions of the employer companies, the restructuring of positions, the restriction or closing of production lines, restructuring of companies in financial difficulty or insolvency, work through temporary work agent.

Pelinari & Pelinari provides legal assistance and representation of natural and legal persons, in employment relationships regarding: 

  • negotiating and drafting the clauses of individual labor contracts and collective labor contracts;
  • drafting legal opinions on the restructuring of companies and on the procedures for collective dismissal;
  • representation in labor conflicts during disciplinary research or evaluation of work skills;• representation in conflicts regarding acts of discrimination and harassment, before the labor law courts;
  • legal representation for the recovery of the outstanding salaries or for the recovery of the damages caused by the employees to the employers;
  • representation in labor law disputes related to the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of employment contracts, contractual and / or contravention liability for labor law;
  • representation in litigation regarding discrimination before the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD).

We also have a long experience in representing employees in court, in labor disputes, where we have obtained remarkable results regarding the cancellation of the dismissal decisions, the reintegration to the positions occupied before the rescission of the employment contracts and the awarding of salaries for the whole period of labor conflicts.