Public procurement. Concession of public services

Public procurement. Concession of public services. Public services

Public procurement is a favorite practice area for Pelinari & Pelinari team members.  The lawyers from Pelinari & Pelinari provide legal assistance in the preparation of the public procurement documents, ensure the representation in the disputes that have as object the challenge of these documents and the results of the procedure of awarding public procurement contracts, whether the procedures are totally or partially exempted or are submitted in full to the public procurement legislation, in the processes and requests regarding the compensation for the damages caused during the award procedure, as well as those regarding the unilateral execution, nullity, cancellation, resolution, termination or cancellation of the public procurement contracts.

Expertise in the field of public procurement involves both the provision of legal services during the preliminary administrative complaint, that have to be solved by the Romanian contracting authorities, or the appeals to the jurisdiction of the administrative-jurisdictional body (the National Council for Solving the Complaints), as well as in the disputes settled by the national courts.